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My name is Nadia El-Sharkawy and I am a certified Wedding Planner and founder of Diamond Excellence Weddings and Other Finer Events; an online wedding library, blog and go-to source for Destination Weddings in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. I am currently living in Cancun, Mexico, where I strive to give my clients a top-quality personalized service, designed to turn any special occasion into an unforgettable experience. I will personally respond any emails, questions and/or concerns from clients, vendors and readers.





DIY: How to store your Christmas Tree & Ornaments in Cancun

It's the New Year and the joy of the Holiday Season came to an end in Cancun, especially now that many Mexican families have experienced a visit from the Three Wise Men in their homes and gotten the opportunity to enjoy amongst friends and family a piece of the traditional "Rosca de Reyes" (crown bread with sugar and dried fruits) accompanied by a delicious mug of "Chocolate Abuelita" (also known as hot chocolate).


So now, to help you eliminate the stress of storing your Christmas decorations, I am going to share with you a few humidity-proof tips that will not only help you preserve the value of your artificial Christmas tree and ornaments, but also save space in your home! 


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Stories of Love: Laura’s pregnancy news for Christmas!

There is no excuse for living such a fast-paced life, even when you live in a beautiful place that is just 20 minutes away from the stunning beaches of Cancun! 


I know that a lot of my friends who live in cities probably believe that I lie on my back and scratch my tummy while I drink a Piña Colada under the shade of a coconut tree, but contrary to popular belief that is not the case. Although I would like to do that more often, my many responsibilities demand that I dedicate my time to work, which I absolutely love doing anyways! 


Having said this, I was inspired to write this post because quality time with friends and family is so fragile these days that we need to stop in our tracks and just realize that moments fly by in an instant. 

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6 Low-Cost Wedding Planning Tips to Stay Organized!

When it comes to wedding planning, some brides and grooms often make mistakes, improvise tasks and forget to do things that may end up costing them time and money.  A good solution to these unintentional problems requires adequate organization skills.


Before you start worrying about too much too fast, the following tips are intended to help you stay organized and save money while you tackle your wedding planning checklist: 


Concentrate all communication in one place

Create a folder in your inbox to include all your wedding planning information e-mails, from questions to vendors to venue packages.   


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Valentine's Day Style Shoot

Hey everyone!


I am super excited to present to you my very first style shoot. For the theme I just had to pick Valentine’s Day. Why? Ha-ha… easy, because I needed to test my creativity after seeing all of those DIY projects on Pinterest. Also, because I truly believe the best gifts in life come from the heart!


I managed to make it simple enough for you to try at home for that special someone or a very close group of BFFs! 


I have to admit that I was never a fan of Valentine’s Day, but when I learned all about color combinations and how they that can be used in weddings, my mind definitely changed. As expected, for this photo shoot I went the non-traditional way and stayed away from decorations in red. Instead, I based my palette on my favorite tones from the 2014 Spring Fashion Color Report by Pantone, so I could also show you how I managed to get these hues all glammed up.


Enjoy! ♡


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Playa del Carmen: A new tradition for receiving the New Year!

Tradition for New Year's Eve
New Year Grapes

In Mexico, as in most latino cultures, it is tradition to grab an empty suitcase and run with it or drag it around the block as soon as the clock strikes midnight, to secure traveling in the New Year. There is also the belief that the furthest one runs, the more opportunities he or she will get to travel.  


Personally, I've never done this but it seems like such a fun thing to add to the list of crazy things I do when one more chapter in my life comes to a close. Typically, I toast with champagne or sparkling wine with my family and pop 12 grapes in my mouth, one by one with every chime of the clock. Also, if I remember correctly, if  you manage to gulp down your grapes by the time the clock finishes chiming, you will have 12 months of good luck!


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5 Steps to Planning a Wedding that Fits Your Lifestyle

5 Steps to Planning a Wedding that Fits Your Lifestyle
Photo Credit: Yazy Yo

Sooner or later you will find that planning a wedding is much like reinventing yourself. The series of conscious decisions that you have to make are very similar, which is why this post on tinybuddha inspired me to transmit their wisdom and redesign their advice to help you make your wedding day vision a reality.


The following steps are intended to assist you in planning the wedding that best fits your lifestyle:


Step 1: Create a vision for your wedding


To keep you from thinking you cannot afford to have the wedding of your dreams, you need to mentally visualize every detail of your wedding day. The first step is to imagine that money and planning are not an issue at all. Next, you want to ask yourself the following questions: How big is your wedding? What kind of wedding ceremony would you liket to have? Where would your wedding take place? What would your color palette look like? Do you prefer a DJ, a live band or both? Is there a theme associated with your wedding? What would you like to eat and drink? How many wedding-related events would you like to have? Also, think about the lighting, the smells and the special settings that you would like to have. The point of this exercise is to let your imagination run wild. The answers to all these questions will surely bring in a new perspective to planning your wedding. 


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Emerald Wedding Inspiration

Since Emerald was declared "Color of the Year 2013" by Pantone®, we felt it was only appropriate to feature some of our favorite real wedding ideas. 




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5 Backyard Wedding Essentials

5 Backyard Wedding Essentials
Photo Credit:

Now that summer has finally arrived, you can start gathering all the essential elements for your special day!


garden wedding is an excellent option for anyone planning an intimate event with close friends and family. Although there are a couple of things to consider, apart from the officiant and the marriage license, here are 5 key backyard wedding ideas that will make your marriage ceremony truly unique:


Top-quality photography:

Wether you choose to hire a professional photographer or ask a friend to capture your big day, you are sure to end up with some amazing shots for your wedding album. 

Good lighting:

Your friends and family will definately apreciate the nice view when it's your turn to say "I do", plus your pictures are guaranteed to look amazing!


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