Home Reading Corner Inspired by My Favorite Arabian and South-Asian Rental Pieces

by Nadia El-Sharkawy


As an event industry professional without the thrill of weddings and other finer events happening in Cancun and the Riviera Maya due to the global outbreak caused by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s important for me to experience my favorite places at home in order to maintain my creativity flowing. And even if it’s just to deviate my attention away from screens for at least a couple of hours!


It’s this time at home that has given me the opportunity to appreciate all aspects of my life through the looking glass, as it would appear we are distancing ourselves from society, only to learn that we truly miss staying connected and not just virtually. Regardless of the challenging times ahead, this realization poses great value on how as a Professional Event, Wedding and Proposal Planner I must never underestimate the power of experiences, especially those involving travel worldwide, as such memories whether by ourselves or around our loved ones are what we are left with when all else fails. 


Consequently, when my dear friend Myrna from Barras Libres Riviera Maya reached out to me and invited me to share an important message in Spanish from industry professionals, I was inspired and more than thrilled to do a special setup that would end up serving a triple purpose without my initial knowledge. First and foremost, showcase an enchanting backdrop featuring all my favorite Arabian and South-Asian Rental Pieces that I keep around the house for good care. Second, make a worthy reading corner that would allow me to experience a different atmosphere under what sometimes feels like “House Arrest” (special thanks to SOFI TUKKER with this new single and for diminishing any negative vibes on a daily basis with their amazing Free Live Music Sessions). And last but not least, experience an unexpected venture at home with key elements from cultures that are very dear to my heart for their vibrant energy, meticulous attention to detail and exceptional devotion to divine work. 


Today, with exactly 40 days and counting of my #stayhome pledge, the only thing left for me to do is to continue to innovate so that I can have the pleasure to welcome you to Mexico in the near future and embrace you with the magic I create!


Keep it elegant. Keep it intimate. Keep it forever. ❤


All pieces featured in this setup were carefully selected to illustrate the world-class rental pieces handled by Diamond Excellence Weddings & Other Finer Events. When you contract rental items through my coordination service, you can rest assure that I will always work towards bringing great worth to how you will immerse yourself in the moment and experience that special celebration. 

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