6 Low-Cost Wedding Planning Tips to Stay Organized!

When it comes to wedding planning, some brides and grooms often make mistakes, improvise tasks and forget to do things that may end up costing them time and money.  A good solution to these unintentional problems requires adequate organization skills.


Before you start worrying about too much too fast, the following tips are intended to help you stay organized and save money while you tackle your wedding planning checklist: 


Concentrate all communication in one place

Create a folder in your inbox to include all your wedding planning information e-mails, from questions to vendors to venue packages.   


Add reminders where you can easily view them

Add reminders on your smartphone, email or calendar to stay on top of every task that needs to get accomplished. 


Research local bridal shows and expos

Register for the free upcoming bridal shows in your local town or city.


Start a wedding website to keep your guest informed

With lots of free websites out there, you may want to start your own to include the story of how you two met and got engaged. Information about the location for the ceremony and reception, as well as some curious facts about the wedding party may also be added if you wish. 


Back up all your wedding planning

Work with an organizer binder and include in it your vision board, wedding checklist, vendor contracts, timeline, venue reviews, contacts, honeymoon travel information and every business card given to you by wedding vendors. 


Get creative with your vision board

Feel like bridal magazines are a bit pricey? Check out popular websites like Pinterest and TheKnot.com. Both sites definitely hold a ton of ideas and they also let you create vision boards with your free account!


Written by: Nadia El-Sharkawy


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