5 Steps to Planning a Wedding that Fits Your Lifestyle

5 Steps to Planning a Wedding that Fits Your Lifestyle
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Sooner or later you will find that planning a wedding is much like reinventing yourself. The series of conscious decisions that you have to make are very similar, which is why this post on tinybuddha inspired me to transmit their wisdom and redesign their advice to help you make your wedding day vision a reality.


The following steps are intended to assist you in planning the wedding that best fits your lifestyle:


Step 1: Create a vision for your wedding


To keep you from thinking you cannot afford to have the wedding of your dreams, you need to mentally visualize every detail of your wedding day. The first step is to imagine that money and planning are not an issue at all. Next, you want to ask yourself the following questions: How big is your wedding? What kind of wedding ceremony would you liket to have? Where would your wedding take place? What would your color palette look like? Do you prefer a DJ, a live band or both? Is there a theme associated with your wedding? What would you like to eat and drink? How many wedding-related events would you like to have? Also, think about the lighting, the smells and the special settings that you would like to have. The point of this exercise is to let your imagination run wild. The answers to all these questions will surely bring in a new perspective to planning your wedding. 



Step 2: Write down all your wedding day ideas


If it is not on paper, the possibility of having everything you really wanted for your special day barely exists. Converse with your spouse-to-be and together write down all the elements that are a must-have in your wedding. This step is crucial to keep you from getting sidetracked as you establish your wedding goals. Also, it is a good opportunity to refer to your wedding timeline and see what needs to get done first. If you haven't already done so, remember that it is never too early to create your preliminary guestlist. When deciding whom to invite, think about who will actually show up. Just make sure that whoever you invite will not blow your budget, but actually make your day more special. So, grab a calendar, pick your wedding date with a few alternatives and get in touch with different venues to select a location. Any thoughts on whom you would like to officiate your wedding? Think about that too and book your officiant as soon as possible!



Step 3: Surround yourself with visual reminders


Take a look at My Dream Wedding to see what I mean. One way to start your very own 'Inspiration Board' is by familiarizing yourself with the flowers that are in season and collecting pictures of your favorite floral arrangements. Whether you find yourself making a collage using magazine cutouts or watching the latest bridal shows on YouTube, you can begin to set the bases for how you want your wedding. If you are a fan of theknot.com, there is an excellent tool that you can use to create your very own inspiration board!



Step 4: Break your wedding vision into workable tasks


Whether you choose to work with Wedding Timelines or design some tasks of your own, it will be easier for you to identify the areas where you'll need the most help, let's just say ....maybe from your bridesmaids? If your budget is very limited, this type of list is a great source of ideas for some very creative DIY proyects.



Step 5: Look back on your vision every day


Keep your eye on the ball. Never lose focus of what you want and remember that if something doesn't go as planned, sometimes it will turn out better than you imagined. Keep that positive energy flowing around you and with time you will see that everything falls into place on your wedding day.



If you would like to share your experience or add a little extra advice, feel welcome to comment below!


Written by: Nadia El-Sharkawy


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